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27 Jun

Ok so Part 1 Driving from the UK to Portugal covered when and where we set off from the UK: arriving at the euro tunnel, what to expect, required documents, etc, and a whole lot more, including what to do if travelling with four legged friends. 

Part 2 finds us at our pit stop in Le Mans. The room is a built on extension with bedroom and bathroom. We spent the evening in the main house -lounge/kitchenette, relaxing with some treats brought with us plus a bottle of red, supplied by the owner at our request. 

Then before we retired we went on another walk as much for the pooches as for us, to stretch our legs again. 

Then bed.

Whether testament to the comfort of the bed or mental and physical exhaustion, who knows, but as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light.

 I woke feeling fully refreshed, eager to commence the next part of the journey.

We left at 8:35 am having had a lovely continental breakfast of bread, croissant, fruit, orange juice and surplus amounts of coffee. The pooches had been fed watered and walked. The trusty Volvo was repacked then we paid the lady and said our au revoir. Sadly I have no idea what the place was called or how much it cost for the night. But I do know our next destination.

 Les Jardins de Bakea. 

Les Jardins de bakea sits on the Spanish border. It offers clean rooms, great restaurant and free parking. More important to us though; four legged friends are welcome too.

There are three routes leading to Les Jardins, all approximately the same time give or take a few minutes. The journey time is 6.5 hours, so a lighter drive than yesterday.   We head off first to join the A11.  It's a bit cloudy but no rain. The route will follow the signs for Bordeaux before branching merging off onto the A63/E70/E5.

The journey is relatively easy with no surprises. We stop off for a rest break at around 1pm. On route, Pops occasionally has to listen in on one of his work meetings. I offer to drive (ha ha ha) but instead we make a pit stop so he can concentrate on one of his calls. I utilise the time by taking the dogs for a quick walk despite been close to our destination.

By 4pm we arrive. Travelling time approximately 7.5 hours which includes stopping off for the break plus stopping for Pops call and stopping at tolls. We encountered seven tolls on this stretch so its worth having cash or cards at the ready. Les Jardins de bakea will be our last pit stop as we plan to drive straight through Spain to be in Portugal by late afternoon. 

All signed in and the trusty Volvo unloaded, we check the room. Like the clean reception area, the rooms are no different. Everywhere is spotless, including the ensuite which comes with a great view.

As is the custom after a long drive, we go for another well deserved walk.

The location offers great walks and a beach which is approximately 7 kilometres  from the hotel. It's hilly, offers great views and worth the stay. 

In the evening we enjoy what I would describe as a five star meal with the pooches happily sleeping under the table. 

We then finished off with a night cap before an evening stroll, then bed.

                    A new day a new dawn and time to get back on the road. Today is the day we arrive at our destination in Portugal! Yay!!! But before that we need to cross Spain.

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