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I fell in love with books at an early age. The sheer enjoyment of escaping life through reading was simply amazing. By eight I was making up my own stories and at bed time would tell them to my sisters, which was unusual as I was the youngest one.

As well as reading books and making up stories, I loved pen and paper. Having one day watched my sister Janis write out a shopping list with care and precision, producing what looked like beautiful old fashioned script, it inspired me to also perfect my style of writing and to choose my paper and pens well. By ten I was writing down my stories in my best hand writing, on the best paper, with the best pens I could find.

Writing became my life hobby and still is.

Now I write Poems, Songs, Short Stories and even tried my hand at a Romantic Novel. I’ve completed a Creative Writing Course with Center of Excellence (CEO) and passed with a distinction: the proof to myself that I do have the ability. Recently I have proofread two books from an up and coming writer, who recently came second place in a writers competition.

Ive decided to showcase my writing skills and to offer ghost writing and proofreading services. Having the opportunity to experience life in Portugal not just as a holiday maker, my blog will follow the good, the bad and the 'can't believe how lucky I am!' experiences, in Alvor-Portugal.

So without further a do, please see my first blog 'On the Beach!" Alvor-Portugal.